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    Sling Pro-HD Speeds when Slinging outside of home network


      so basically, i have a 4mb upload and 16mb download speeds on my home network back in Canada and a 4mb upload and 16mb download speeds on my US based network.


      whenever i try to steam the content in HD over my local network, i can avg. 2500-3500kb/sec and have a perfect stream and no problems


      when i try to stream the box from the US  i can only avg. 900kb when i put it at the lowest HD settings - 720 -  and even then the stream stutters and skips making it barely unwatchable - meaning when watching sports or tv shows every random 20 secs. i will miss a few secs.


      i downgrade my video to VGA and its a perfect stream at 900kb but im sacrificng video quality of HD and the purpose of getting the HD box was for the HD stream


      my question is - how do i make my US stream equivilant to my home - yes i know it will be nowhere as perfect but to get anywhere from 1mb-2mb worth of stream then i would be able to use the device to its true benefits


      i have tried to search for ways to unlock ports, DMZ, adjust my router etc. but to no avail. i can watch standard definition without no problem.


      as a side note. i used to have another US service provider and there upload limit was limited to 768kb and when i streamed on that provider i could obtain the max upload speed of 768 while streaming from my US acct - so my basic assumption would be that i could obtain the 4mb upload


      is my only option to call my service provider, but even then i fee like they might not be able to help.