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    Error while updating firmware


      I just bought a Slingbox Solo and was trying to get it configured. I went to http://downloads.slingmedia.com and followed the directions. I setup an account and the Slingbox was detected on my network. I received a message saying "Need to update your Slingbox software, click next to continue". I clicked next and then immediately an error message popped up saying "Error while updating firmware". I get stuck at this point and can't go further. I have attempted this multiple times and even reset the Slingbox a couple times as well. Each time I get to the same point and get the same error message. What can I do to fix this?

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          Stevies3 Newbie

          I had the same issue,   What I did was install the sling player software on another computer in my home (where the sling box resides) & updated thru that computer,  It will say "not recomended" as it thinks i'm at a remote location in case anything goes wrong, But proceeded as I was in the same location........   and all went ok