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    On-screen Remote: Can't control channel number on Dish receiver


      I have Slingplayer Mobile for android running on Samsung CAptivate (android 2.1). I recently noticed that using on-screen remote control doesn't produce desired results. For example, using the number pad on slingplayer mobile when I enter channel number "787" it sends some weird combination of these numbers and goes to channel "71". No matter what channel number I enter it goes to "71" or any other channel but doesn't exactly go to the channel I want it to go to.


      Now, I have checked my setup and IR blaster setting using slingplayer for PC and slingplayer mobile for iphone and everything works fine and I can change the channels by entering desired channel number and then switching channel to that exact channel except for my android phone where I can't seem to use number pad. However if I try and change channel to desired channel by selecting "up" or "down" then I can navigate to desired channel however it could take switching thru hundreds of channels before I get to the one I want to watch.


      Please look into it and let me know if I need to provide any further information.