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    Bitrate question

    ronbo422 Newbie

      Hey guys,

      I'm new to the board and a new Pro HD owner.  I have been trying to get a better bitrate from my system.  When on my home network I can stream 6000+kbps, but when I'm outside my network I can't get above 800 - 900 kbps. This is nohwere near HD.  Here's more info on my system and connction speeds:


      To get off my network I'm logging onto my neighbors network and see bandwidth speeds (speakeasy.net/speedtest) of about 15 M/sec down and 1.5 up.  On my own network I'm seeing the same 15-16 M/sec down and 1.5 M/sec up.  On his network I can stream only in the 900 kbps range using the latest Sling viewer.  I'm thinking that I should see higher streaming bitrates with these connection speeds.


      What kind of bitrates are you people seeing on your systems?  And can you see true HD outside of your networks?  Are there any settings that I can change to get higher bitrates?  I've got my video compression settings set to Auto.