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    Slow streaming speed when on holiday


      Hi everyone


      I have Slingbox Pro set up to watch football on the Sky Plus box when I'm away on holiday abroad.


      Everything works fine, even tested it at home getting a streaming speed of over 4000kbps with my laptop.


      But when I'm on holiday in Hong Kong the maximum stream is just over 700kbps. No matter what setting I try the best speed is around  700-740kbps.


      The picture is blurred and choppy but the sound is OK.


      What could be the problem? is it something to do with the bandwidth or firewall!


      Thanks for your comments.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          You said you tested it at home; I'm assuming via wifi on the laptop or via an ethernet connected pc thats on the same network (router) as the slingbox. this is why your getting speeds of 4000kbps.


          Your remote viewing experiance is directly dictated by your ISP's upload speed at the slingbox connection. I'm assuming it's rated for 768kbps by the speed you posted your gettign in hong kong.....


          To get a better remote picture, you need to increase to a higher package that offers more bandwidth for upload at the slingbox's hosted address. The higher the upload speed, the better the remote viewing experiance and picture quality will be. For example here in the states, comcast (my isp) has the following packages available:


          economy package

          1.5 mbps down, 384kbps up


          Performance Package:

          15 mbpd down, 3 mbps up


          Blast Package:

          20 mbps down, 4 mbps up


          Extreme Package:

          50 mbps down, 10 mbps up

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              I'm in Mexico... my home "solo" unit in Washington, is suppose to be getting 7 gbs. My best stream here is 720. It varies from time to time and the picture gets blurry quite often.

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                  dbsguy Apprentice


                  There's NO way your ISP is rated 10Gb/s; I think you actually meant to say 10Mb/s.


                  At any rate, what is your "upload" rating at the hosting location in Washington (the upload, not the download)?  On a computer from within the slingbox's network, go to www.speedtest.net and choose the closet city letting it run the bandwidth test to find your true download and upload speeds. Please post the results here so me or someone else can further assist you in trouble shooting the sistuation.


                  Remember, you can only get a quality equal to the slowest connection. What I mean by that is you can not exceed the Kb or Mb rating of either the upload hosting locations speed rating or the remote locations download rating (whichever is lowest).

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                  shistris03 Newbie

                  I get the same problem on some networks. I have an upload speed at home of 4mbs from where i upload the picture and i get a full speed when downloading at one place and a max of 1mbs when downloading at another place.


                  Clearly this is an issue with specific routers that is like they have a cap on download speed since they have a download speed of 3mbs and i download with a standard of 1mb.


                  Do you know how i can resolve such an issue on a ZTE router?



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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      Don't forget that an internet stream does not come straight from your home to your location.   I did a ping on my communication to a remote location from my home and it passed through SEVENTEEN different servers.   It only needs one of those to be having a bad day or a bit overloaded and your own upload and download streams become irrelevant.

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                          shistris03 Newbie

                          This does not seem to be the problem. In the same house that there is the ZTE router that i use to download the stream i removed it and put the old thomson router that a friend has in his house. Just to figure out what the problem is. Both routers are used by the same provider.


                          The old router downloads with 4mbs and the ZTE with 1mbs. As simple as that. Same house same provider same download speed same laptop.