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    Can't get Slingbox M1 to work with Sky+HD & component video


      I can't believe I am the first to have this issue (am I the only Sky+HD user of Slingbox in the UK???) yet equally I cannot believe the issue I am having is not more prominent.


      We have a Sky+HD box which I want to use Slingbox to watch on a couple of other TVs in the house. The story so far:


      1. On delivery it was clear that the Slingbox requires component video to send HD quality (actually to even send 16:9 video format). Sky+HD box doesn't have component video out!


      2. To at least get going, set up using composite video. Worked OK. Video quality extremely disappointing on a TV (esp. since it was distorting a 4:3 image from the Slingbox to display it on a 16:9 TV). But anyway it worked.


      3. Contacted Slingbox support about the fact I couldn't get 16:9 video to display, they told me with composite video it never will.


      OK. Wind the clock on two weeks and another £80...


      4. I purchased an HDMI splitter and an HDMI to Component Video converter. Plugged it all in. All the right lights on all the right cables in all the right sockets.


      5. Re-run the setup. No sign of the video. Troubleshooter asks me if I use HDMI to connect the box to the TV (=yes, I do) if so please disconnect that HDMI. I do so BUT I unplug the TV connection from the splitter.. I did not try connecting the HDMI-CV converter direct to the box. Anyway - makes no difference - can't find a video signal, says I should contact support.


      What a PAIN!!!


      A friend told me about this gadget and he tends to know his stuff so I bought it in all good faith. Cost of the box, a bunch of cables, a decent HDMI splitter and a HDMI-CV converter box later and no sign of being able to "sling" decent quality video anywhere.


      What do other people do?


      I'm giving it until Friday then the whole lot is going in the bin!!


      Thanks in advance