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    Can WinXP + NVIDIA ION + 4gb ram + Dual core atom handle HD?


      I really thought my new nettop would be able to stream in HD from my slingbox on the local network, but I'm getting a lot of stuttering when I try the "Best HD" setting on the player.  "Best" non-hd works just fine though.


      I really figured my pretty much top of the line little box would be able to stream HD so I'm curious if anyone else has been able to get it work.  I went with XP just because I had the install media for it (and Sling player doesn't run on Ubuntu....BOOOOO!!!), but if Win 7 works better I could get a copy of it instead.


      Anyway, if anyone has any insight on WinXP + HD + ION, I'd be all ears.



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          On Slingbox Classic (WMV coded) that I am using remotely on a forced resolution 640x240 (highest one supported by Slingbox Classic), the video playback is smooth, however the quality / resolution could be better.


          So I am testing now Slingbox Pro HD (h.264 coded) and on any settings, even the lowest or auto, the video stutters while audio not. I am using the same equipment as you (Asrock ION 330 - also 4 GB RAM, dualcore atom 1.6 ghz) with only exception that it is running Windows 7.


          Normally I don't have any problems with full HD video playback through apps that are using video acceleration (MPC-HC). But in Slingplayer it doesn't find any hardware acceleration, so I am unable to choose anything in the settings. Therefore I am not sure where the stuttering is coming from. The CPU usage while playback goes up to max of 60%, so I believe it is not a problem of efficiency here. I am getting a consistent 2000 kbps, which should be fine for at least 640x480 streaming.


          Any help or ideas would be appreciated.