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    Slingbox PRO


      can you watch one show at home on your TV and someone else watch a different show over the internet using Slingbox at the same time ?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Yes.  The Slingbox Pro has multiple inputs as well as an internal tv tuner.  So you can watch local tv using one source and Slingbox using a different source.  For instance, if you have cable tv at home, someone can watch tv using your cable box while you watch tv using the Slingbox internal tv tuner.

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            I have a Slingbox Pro HD and both red lights are on ..on the front of the Slingbox...but when I try to log on via my laptop it does not find the Slingbox...have check the Router etc but no luck...any suggestions ?   Using the new Netgear R6300 Router