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    Pre-Purchase Question


      I posted this question in the Slingcatcher section but it doesn't look like this product is available for sale.

      So I'm relisting in the Pro-HD sections.


      I am thinking of purchasing a Slingbox and would like some advice or opinions.  I have my main TV in my living room with a HD DVR from DishNetwork.  I have a TV in my loft area where there is no cable connection . The TV is HD so I would like to go with the HD Slingbox but what other accessories are needed or how will I set this up.  I don't see the SlingCatcher being offered is their another product or does the Sling box now provide this feature.


      Any help appreciated.



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          Akilla21 Newbie

          The Slingcatcher is an ok choice for the second TV if you don't have an available laptop or desktop to act as the catcher. But before you move forward with purchasing Slingbox. Review the forums and take a tally of the number users who are and have had problems with Slingbox's with very little support from SlingMedia. To, include bad firmware implementations or long firmware roll-outs.


          I do enjoy watching tv with the slingbox when it works, since the firmware update of 1.4.60 for the Slingbox ProHD. Research for like manufacturers before jumping into the problems that many of Slingbox users are experiencing. My connection goes down every 3 days exactly that requires a reboot of the system. I've noticed problems or delays going from an HD channel to a non-HD channel and there is are signal rate changes that the box just can't handle.


          WIth the Slingbox on the other side of the world there are usually a few days before a reset can happen. The fix of resetting only came after 4 months of forum writting, pay $50 for tech support that doesn't support you or hangs up the phone on you. My 500 dollars of investments with all the slingbox hardware, upgrades to Cable TV and internet services allows me to keep trying.


          But frustration sets in when family and I are putting in 10hours a week of troubleshooting or trying to the box to work. I'm nearly at the point where I'm ready to cut my loses, dump slingbox and purchase a Moonson box that has reported none of the problems that slingbox have.


          With your setup being local, you may experience less pain and can accept going to the slingbox and rebooting every 3 days because the memory of the box isn't properly managed or organized.


          So, if you're still looking for a Pro HD and a slingcatcher I have the system for you. LOL


          But it is great when it works, I'm happy for that 4 hours of daily watching in the 3 days a week that's its online.



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              I used my sling catcher for less than a year and it stopped working.  I'm unable to login with my sling account... which pretty much means that the box is useless.  What kind of company gives a one month warrantee on a device and makes you pay to contact support that is just going to read off a script? (so many of them do!)  I refuse to pay for outsourced phone support.  I want to talk to an american based tech who can speak english and who knows what they are doing.


              Untill they fix the SlingCatcher issues and stop throwing their customers under the bus when it comes to support, I'd say look somewhere else.


              Like Akilla21 says, all was great when it worked fine.  Make no mistake i like the sling box solo HD, it works great, for now.





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                  jimfitzgerald Apprentice

                  I bought my Slingbox SOLO from Best Buy and have a 30 day return policy.  So far, after about 10 days, I have had zero problems with it.  Just make sure where ever you purchase your Slingbox Pro-HD, they have a favorable return policy incase you can't get it to work properly.  Like most electronics, I believe a lot of the issues are user error.  Anyway, you'll plug your Slingbox into your satellite box.  If you want to watch a different channel at the same time on both tv's, you need to also plug the Slingbox directly into the cable coming into your house to use the Slingbox internal tv tuner.  I know you can do that with cable tv.  I don't know about satellite tv.  Since Sling Catcher is no longer available, you'll need a computer next to your second tv to receive the signal from the Slingbox.  You'll need to plug your tv into the computer somehow.  Also, your Slingbox will need to be connected to your router.  If they are in different rooms, you can use a Sling Turbo to send the signal from your Slingbox to your router.