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    Pre-Purchase Question


      I am thinking of purchasing a Slingbox and would like some advice or opinions.  I have my main TV in my living room with a HD DVR from DishNetwork.  I have a TV in my loft area where there is no cable connection . The TV is HD so I would like to go with the HD Slingbox but what other accessories are needed or how will I set this up.  I don't see the SlingCatcher being offered is their another product or does the Sling box now provide this feature.


      Any help appreciated.



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          Hello sabres32,


          If you want to bypass what's on the computer to the main TV, you can consider the SlingCatcher, however, I need to tell you that is out of stock from SlingMedia, anyway, you can look for it from any retailer.

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              dbsguy Apprentice

              The sling catcher has been discontinued for soem time now with no new replacement added to the lineup to this point. Retailers are almost definetly out of stock at this point as most cleared them out some time ago for $99 bucks....



              There are a few ebay auctions and or amazon links butr they are going for a phenominal prive point at this point since it's a supply and demand issue for a very limited item ($500-700 US) which is totally insaine..........