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    New router, internet viewing issues, slingbox seems to take over router


      Hi all,


      My mistake to 1) wait for over 90 days after purchase to get my SOLO working alongside a long-time reliable CLASSIC (with my old Netgear router) and 2) have that router die just before leaving the country so I had to install a new one, but I spent the last few days failing to get internet viewing from both slingboxes working (reliably from the SOLO, and working at all from the CLASSIC).  A big problem was that one slingbox or another always seemed to be "...administering..." my replacement Netgear router (when I tried to get to the netgear to futz with various things.  Some 2008 postings over Netgear way mention issues with slingboxes doing, or seeming to do, this.  Does anyone have any insight as to this?


      Now that I'm overseas, with a housesitter probably not interested in messing with routers and slingboxes for hours on end, I may not get complete satisfaction, but if anyone can help with the slingboxes managing the router issue, that'd be a start.