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    ProHD to DirecTV HD DVR not streaming in 1080i


      I recently hooked up a ProHD to DirecTV HD DVR and it is not streaming in 1080i.  The light on the front of the DirecTV receiver is showing 480, but when I try to adjust it, it won't let me go to 1080i.  The picture when I watch online is good, but looks to be 480, which makes sense.  Does anyone know how to change it to 1080i?  I tried to hit the input button on the direcTV remote, but it didn't work...just stuck on 480.


      I hooked up the two receivers using component cables and also an s-video.  Only thing I can think of is that I also have the DirecTV box hooked up to a non-hd tv, which will be unhooked next time I get a chance.   Any thoughts?


      Thanks for your help in advance!