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    Router Configuration NOT completing...Help needed


      OK... So I have FINALLY figured out my "Local Slingbox detected" issue... My PC has 2 firewalls running.... my WinXP and a personal one... I disabled my personal one, but left the WinXP running and now my Solo has connected.... BUT!!!!..... now as I get to setting up the unit, I get to the router configuring, I cant get slingplayer setup assistant to complete the process!!!! I follow the steps to configure my router and all looks good, I then save settings and continue, but I can get slingplayer to complete this process... I got my Dish Network viewing in the small screen during set up, change channels turn off and on and etc.... But the Router settings will not seem to complete so I can use this unit on my iphone or internet connection away from home!!! I need help to finish the router configuration!! any ideas from here??