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    Answer To A Previous Question and New Issues

    Guitar4Him Newbie

      Some time back I posted a question about how to clear the "recent channels" in the channel input window. After a while, the list becomes large and difficult to manage.   An answer was never found and the post was eventually moved to the "Enhancements Request" area.


      Well, I finally figured out how to do this.  Go to   Settings --> Applications -->  Manage Applications --> Slingplayer


      Then, tap "Clear data"


      When you bring the app up the first time after this you will have to re-enter your account email address and password.  Then, when you bring up the channel input window you will find it cleared.


      Here's some new issues.  My Motorola Droid got really flaky yesterday...all kinds of lockups and often wouldn't boot fully.  Last night, I decided to try a hard reset.  I had never done this before and was apprehensive.  Now, having gone through the experience I can testify that it is actually quite easy.  Every app that I had obtained through the marketplace, either paid or free, automatically re-installed themselves.  Now, my Droid runs great....much snappier.


      I have noticed some interesting behavior with the Slingplayer Mobile app.  Here's what I'm observing....


      Before, when I tapped on the Slingplayer  icon, the program would load and connect automatically and when the  video appeared, it was a clean screen.  Now, since the hard reset, once  the app loads,I have to tap on the "Connect" button and when the video  loads, the channel input window appears on the screen and has to be dismissed.   What happened to the automatic loading?  Why does the channel input window appear on the screen every time?  It's not a major thing....just a minor annoyance.



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