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    Password Reset HELP!!


      HELP!!!    Own a Slingbox Pro-HD.  Everything working.   I installed a new router.   According to Support tips it says to 'Reset your Slingbox'.  I did this by pushing the button on the back.   Now when I go to set back up I go to 'Setup slingbox'.....asks me for p/w (which I don't have as the box was completely reset).  Tells me to go to Slingbox Directory to reset.  Which I do.    In Slingbox Directory,  My Slingbox appears (ie...it is on the network) but appears as 'unconfigured'.   When I click on My Slingbox,  it too asks me for p/w...which I don't have as it was reset.


      I've also tried deleting my slingbox from by account info....tried everything all over again...same DO LOOP.


      I'm sooooooooo frustrated....


      Any help would be much appreciated!