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    Slingbox SOLO "OUTPUT" Connections


      Hi Gang,
      I have my SOLO hooked up to a Dish Network two tuner receiver.  The connections are into the SOLO via the COMPONENT RCA Cables for tuner 2.  This is the only output connection on my Dish Box to use tuner two.  I see there are output connections below the inputs.  My question is this:  With the signal going into the SOLO via COMPONENT RCA, can I output to an older TV set via "S-Video" Cable and will that send a video signal to a TV via the SOLO?  I know that will not give me sound, but I am trying to coordinate an easy way to use a second TV for picture only now that football season is here.  The connection will go to an older set that I have that only has a coaxial and S-Video input.  I do not want to go out and buy an S-Video Cable if it should not work and I am not sure if the SOLO will convert the component input to an S-Video output.  Thanks to all for your help!

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          Hi Gobluemich290,


          The  Slingbox SOLO is designed to be connected to one device, we provide 3  different types of video inputs so that a variety of different video  sources can be connected. You can use the "pass-through" feature of your  Slingbox SOLO. This passes the connection from your A/V source through  the Slingbox and then back to your television. But you only can use the  same cable type for the output back to your TV that you used for the  input to the Slingbox. For example, if you used the component connection  to your Slingbox, make sure that you also use an component connection  to your TV.