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    New slingbox solo freezes in 1-5 minutes


      Hi, any help would be appreciated.  I have checked with support and they don't give me any answers that seem to help.  I have searched and searched, but only see question about people's slingboxes that had worked perfectly than stopped..(capacitor problems).

      Anyways.  Anytime i try to remotely view my slingbox, i can see it for 1-5 minutes then the picture freezes.  and i have to reset.  I purchased the app for my iphone 4.  The weird thing is that when I'm connected wifi, the iphone freezes too.  But if i switch to 3g i have run it for over 1/2 hour (never checked how long it would last)  but it seems to work perfect in 3g.  Any suggestions for the wifi from other locations?


      Support said they could watch it,, but didn't seem to check for longer than a minute.

      Any help or if you need more info let me know.