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    Tried everything. Bitrate has been messed up since servers went down.


      I have been using slingbox for years with no problems:


      Verizon Fios

      Slingbox AV

      Port 5001 TCP forwarded on router.

      Slingbox Finder ID instead of IP.

      Desktop Client 2.0


      Lan = fine

      Wan = When the server issues occured I was still able to connect using the Finder ID, but the bitrate that usually goes >1000 kbps..never passed around 200-400.


      The feed was very inconsistant and after a couple minutes, I'd lose connection completely. It still worked fine locally. I tried connecting through dynamic IP and still had the same problem. If I was on local and tried connecting through dynamic IP, I'd have the same problem as if I was over the internet. I tried downgrading to 1.5 and using the web viewer with no luck.


      I thought maybe it's because it's an old slingbox AV. Just bought a new slingbox solo and still no luck. I tried lowering the video quality from the default auto but no luck.


      I'm out of ideas. Help!