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    Slingbox Setup Frustrations

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      Trying to setup my legacy Slingbox HD to work with Verizon Fios.


      Get to the Remote Control Setup page, no matter what I enter in the search field for my device I get no options to select from, even entering generic terms like Motorola, Dish. Then when I select next I get the error message:


      No exact match found for:

      "ARRIS IPC1100"


        Please try a more generic search on the previous page.


      Try the Need help finding your device? Try selecting from our list of supported devices


      Selected Cable TV Box

      Next box shows "No Manufactures Available"


      This is frustrating beyond belief!


      In fact, choose any device and you guessed it, you get "No Manufactures Available"


      So stuck, can't move forward because of these errors?


      Any suggestions?