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    Can we choose if we see the remote?

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      Can someone from the Sling world make it so we can choose whether or not we want the remote to show up?  I mainly watch from a laptop and use the keyboard to control the slingplayer, eg. G for guide, numbers for channels.  The remote is a nuisance.  When I first purchased my Slingbox (April 2014), I had ZERO complaints about the unit or the Slingplayer. It was everything I had hoped for, but it seems with every update to the plug ins (I've used all the browsers) functionality is lost.  I would be more than happy to watch your ads if the slingplayer worked like it used to.


      Also, I've tried the webplayer, and that is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.  The tiles with the programs playing is a clunky POS. Not being able to use the keyboard is a big mistake, IMO. 

      I don't expect anything to happen, as I have asked questions before with no response.