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    network setup changed, can no longer connect


      Hi All:


      Not sure if this is the cause, but I hadn't used my slingbox for a couple months now, got a new BB and decided to fire it up using mobile, no dice.


      got hom last night, rebooted the SB, still couldn't connect via my home PC.


      recently got the comcast triple play, so my modem/router setup changed a bit.  As my house is wired for cat5, I had a hub in the basement feedind the house network connections from the wifirouter upstairs where my main PS is (also have wifi, but the SB is hard wired)


      so this WAS my setup (cable modem was on the second floor with the main PC)


      comcast cable modem -> trendnet n-wifi router (main PC hardwired to this) -> netgear 8 port switch ->  SB

                                                                                                                                                      -> all other wired applicances in the house


      NEW setup as of last month (new VOIP cable modem is now in the basement where the switch and phonelines are)



      comcast VOIP cable modem -> netgear 8 port switch (feeds the house) -> SB

                                                                                                              -> trendnet n-wifi router (main PC hardwired to this)

                                                                                                              -> all other wired applicances in the house


      I also decided to reset the SB as well to see if this might help, but the software (2.0) cannot detect the SB during set up, both lights are steady on the SB (power and network)


      wondering if I need to move my wifi router down stairs and then go VOIP modem -> router -> switch -> house (indluding SB)


      although my wif router is upstairs and is alot more effective on the second floor than in the basement.