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    Incorrect aspect ratio settings on Roku TV with a UK-based Slingbox

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      So I've been streaming from a UK-based Slingbox to my local Roku TV for a little while now, and even though the image is stuck in 4:3 aspect ratio, I used to be able to just go into the Roku TV's "advanced picture settings" and change the "picture size" option to "Stretch" to bypass that issue and present the stream in a natural 16:9. However, since about last week, when I go through that setting, it stretches the image as it would were the image a full 16:9, center-cutting the actual screen image. I don't know how this changed, perhaps it was on the UK end, but I have no access to that end so I can only do things remotely. Is there any way I can fix this, or get the aspect ratio (or the workaround) correct?