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    DVR Button

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      I am using a slinbox m1 on a Uk Virgin Tivo 1GB box, the app and controls work fine but there is no menu or DVR button in order to access recorded shows. I have tried various different remote setups but there is only one which works with my Tivo box. Any ideas?


      Sorry missed out that its the iPhone app which is missing the dvr control. The mac app on a computer works fine, it has the correct remote etc and all functions correct, but on the iPhone it doesn't have a DVR button - although all the other functions work correctly on the iPhone app.


      The Tivo is a samsung SMT-C7101 1GB


      I am selecting 'Virgin Tivo' which shows the correct image, I have tried samsung tivo options within the remote selection but the image is incorrect and it won't control the box.


      (sorry reposted as new discussion as forum won't let me reply to answer from alanrichy)



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          To reply on the forum you need to have defined both a First and Last name for your logon.  I suspect you defined only one name.


          I just loaded the 'Virgin Tivo' on my SLingbox and the Remote has a 'My Shows' button, which is what I assume you are talking about ?   I also get it on the iPhone remote, so I am obviously missing something.    Can you be a bot more specific on what I should be looking for ?