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    "Local Slingbox not detected" Need help on first setup


      I just purchased the Slingbox Solo unit. This is my first time doing anything with Slingbox. I need some help. I have Dish Network at home. I still have the original box when we purchased Dish in 2000. I don't know if having this older box is my possible problem or not.


      I have setup the Slingbox Solo as the quick setup manual has said. My Dish box has only one audio/video out slots (the red, white & yellow RCA cable slots). I have hooked up the RCA cables that came in the slingbox package from the 3 slots on my Dish box and plugged them into the in slots on the Solo. I am running a Ethernet cable from the Solo to my Linksys router( if any needs my router model number I can add it later since I am not at home now to check this info). Once I finished with that, I plugged in the power adapter. I seen the red power LED light on. The second light (I think is the Network Light correct?) was blinking for a few seconds, then became solid. Now, both lights are on and looking good like the instructions ask of.


      I turn on my PC with WinXP Home Edition, SP3. I go online and login to the website the manual asked to get started on. I setup my username information and password. I now am ready to get started with Slingbox Solo to connect with my PC and router. After a few seconds I get a message saying "Slingbox is not detected" message. I keep retrying a few times, the same message keeps coming up. My Ethernet cable is good, I tested it with my laptop connecting to the Internet. I turned off my firewall on my PC through Windows, and I still got the same message. During this time both red lights are solid and on on the Solo box. I know I have the connection setup right,


      what can be my issue?? Is my Dish box to old being a year 2000 model? I think the model number is DP301(can check this later also too). Could I have a defective Slingbox? Maybe I need to return it and get another Solo unit? Do I need to make other changes with my PC, firewall or router? I have factory reset the unit by holding the reset button for 5 seconds. I have reset my router as well. I am stuck and need some help past this issue I'm faced with.


      I don't want to return Slingbox and get my money back if I can fix the issue and get it to work. Anyone that can help me on the right path would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...