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    404 Error




      Every time I click the Watch button or go to newwatch.slingbox.com I get this error:

      HTTP Status 404 -

      type Status report


      description The requested resource () is not available.

      Apache Tomcat/7.0.6


      I tried on both Firefox and Chrome - both browsers are up to date. I also uninstalled the plugin for Chrome, but cannot reinstall because I go straight to the error page.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you

        • Re: 404 Error

          I had the same thing which just started happening...did all the stuff...checked connections, cycled router, cycled slingbox 500 (soft redo)....lights would flash and the networking light would bonk out.  I decided to do a hard reset....Reentered all the info...it was looking for Internet for quite awhile so I redid that part (not another hard reset, rather getting it to look for internet)...it found it again...got the updates and all and got it back running.  once I started the hard reset, it took 30-40 minutes...probably would take a bit less for a tech oriented person....