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    Networking Laptop to home network


      I want to have my laptop at a remote location and hook it up to a monitor for better viewing by several people.


      My Slingbox is on my home network.  It is hooked to a cable box, which is wired to my network through a Slinglink, then another Slinglink is wired to my wireless router.  When I am on my home wireless network, everything with the slingbox works well.


      How do I take my laptop to a remote location and access my home network so that I can access the Slingbox video?  I know there are mobile apps for smartphones, but I want to be able to hook a large monitor up so several people can view it.  Can't so that with an iPhone.


      I have a Virgin Mobile mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and I also have a 3g-enabled Dell Netbook laptop...in case either of those make it easier.


      Thanks in advance for the help.