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    How do I access my home network from remote location?


      I understand you hook the slingbox up to your home network.  But when you are out, say, at a tailgate party, how do you access your home network from your laptop/ phone etc?


      I bought one and have it hooked up and working, but it has to be on my home wireless network.  I need to be able to watch my home tv on a monitor in another town.  I know you can do it through your iphone, droid, etc., but the phone would not be accessing your home network, but instead the 3G network...so how do you get it on your home network?  Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to hook up a monitor to my iphone, which would make watching the game on a tiny phone difficult. So I am trying to hook a monitor up to a laptop, but I am lost as to how to get that laptop to tap into/ access my home network where the Slingbox is. I know these are kind of some technical questions...just kind of wondered how you set yours up.


      I know there is a way to do it, but it is just not clicking with me.




      Thanks Randy