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    Slingplayer no longer working on OSX


      Is anyone else having this problem?  This seems to have just recently cropped up, perhaps in the last few weeks (I don't use the slingbox every day).  The slingplayer apps on my iphone and ipad works fine.  But when I try to watch on my MacBook, I get an error message that simply states "An Error Occured".  This is happening across all browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).  All of my software is up to date.

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          Whenever I begin to watch on my Mac it immediately begins to run HOT. My fan turns on and will not stop. Checked Activity Monitor to see what was using so much of the CPU and apparently it's the SlingplayerForWeb Helper EH task that is using over 100% of the CPU load. What's going on Sling? I'm now afraid to use this app for risk of overheating my MacBook Pro.

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              I am not so sure this is a slingbox only problem. Recently(since 10.10 was released Oct 2014) I have had more and more problems on both my mac pro and macbook pros showing the error brauntj mentioned and the overheating with numerous programs.

              Just purchased last week an Asus ROG-G752vy gaming notebook and have been blown away. After 20+ years of only mac computers I have purchased my last one. I really expected things to get better, not worse by now.

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              same issue, works on my android devices, not macbook air???