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    HELP!!! deleted Pro-HD from directory, now "your Slingbox can't be located"

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      My Slingbox Pro-HD has been up and running for (4) years. A few days ago I accidently deleted the Slingbox from the directory.

      Now I can't add the Slingbox back to the directory. I have done everything suggested by the tech articles.

      The Slingbox network and power lights both glow brightly, the Sling logo glows bright and pulses. I have done hard and soft resets. Checked all cables and connections. Rebooted router and computers. Tried different computers on the same network. I have deleted and reloaded the Internet Explorer plugin. (using Windows 10). I have uninstalled and re-installed the Desktop App. Cleared cookies and caches.  (all of the above done several times)

      Still get the same error "your Slingbox can't be located"

      What can be done to resolve this?