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    Connection Help Needed


      I'm sure this has been answered but I'm beyond desperate now.


      When I bought my Singbox Pro-HD I tried to set it up with my Scientific Explorer 8300 (service with Comcast)  I could never get the connection of Wall>Tuner>Slingbox>TV to work. 


      I came close once but when it would scan channels and finish I always got the message that the HDMI was not authorized or something close to that. So a year later and I am ready to try it again since I had to swap cable boxes and now have and RNG200.  I do have the HDMI connected from the cablebox to the TV and I'm mainly interested in being able to watch my DVR recordings or movie channels as I spend most of my time working on the road.  Can anyone give me a suggestion?


      If I don't use the box I can get the lower channels but that's now what I wanted to use the box for. 

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It could be your use of the HDMI that is causing the problem.   On a number of boxes (not sure about the RNG200) if you use the HDMI it disables all the other outputs to prevemt recording/place shifting.   I don't know what outputs you have but the ideal setup is component from RNG200 to the Slingbox and component from the Slingbox to the TV.

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              This may sound silly but if I use the component cables to the TV will that still allow me to see the HD channels?  I read the instruction manual and it mentioned the HD connect cable.  Is this something that I would need to do what I am attempting?  I work out of state so this is actually my TV on the road and 6 weeks in Europe and all I could watch was basic when I had it connected to a coax spare outlet.


              Sorry, give me a computer and I am an ace....when it comes to AV I'm well behind.