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    av source


      im having the dammest time trying to find the right device for my av source to get my slingbox av to work.  I tried using a sony dvd/vcr combo but the dvd player side is the only thing coms up when i go to viewing. Please tell me what can i use for the av source. I have regular cable and no digital box because i jus screw the cable into the back of the tv. Do this suppose to work with combos

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          The Slingbox has to be downstream of anything you want it to broadcast.  Try plugging your cable into your dvd.  From the dvd go to the Slingbox.  From the Slingbox go to the tv.   Or you can go from the dvd to the Slingbox and from the dvd to the tv if the dvd has multiple outputs.