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    A/V Choppy Quality - Slingbox Pro-HD Internet Viewing


      My Slingbox Pro-HD is located at my father's house in New Jersey while I am "internet viewing" from Paris, France.  I have owned the Pro-HD for 9 months and have been generally very happy with Slingbox experience.


      Starting September 6, I noticed that the video being displayed on the internet viewing Slingplayer was not aligned with the audio... to the point that the audio was constantly freezing but the audio would be perfect in the background.  My internet connection speed in Paris is on average between 1,5MB-2,0MB whereas my father's speed is typically 7,0MB.


      I hate to pay $29.99 for the technical call which I'm not sure will solve the problem.  I have downloaded the Player 2.0 for Windows but am experiencing the same issues.  I have tried altering the "Encoding" tab in the Settings feature but nothing has worked.


      Has anyone else been experiencing choppy video but the audio runs perfectly in the background.  Quite annoying trying to watch the U.S. Open.