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      I have Direct-TV HD (with DVR) and what I understand to be Direct TV's highest def broadcast  (not sure if it is 1080 p or 1080i ??)  output. I have a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player that outputs 1080i through composite cabIe and 1080 p through HDMI cable. I  have a several years-old 50" Vizio P50M plasma monitor (no tuner). I have just purchased a Slingbox Pro HD  (no model numbers on the box or the instruction manual). I have noticed product references to a Slingbox Pro HD 300-100 product. Are these technically the same Slingbox products? If not, what are the differences? If they are the same and I follow the PRO HD instruction mnaual that I MUST set my Direct TV to 1080i rather than 1080p, what effect will it have on (a) my Blu-Ray player 1080p output (or is that available only through an HDMI cable that Slingbox does not accept---and maybe that is why Slingbox has no HDMI slot? and (b) my basic television reception to  disable 1080p on my Direct TV set-top box to produce the signal that the Pro HD requires?