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    I haven't used my slingboxes in a while, what is going on here?

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      So I hadn't used my slingboxes in a while, so I fired up my browser to watch some TV..... and it informed me that it no longer works on Chrome, try Firefox or IE.   So I fired up Firefox, downloaded the client, and Firefox informed me that the client code was corrupt and couldn't be used.   So I fired up Internet Explorer, and installed the client.


      And then it forced me to watch a commercial before I watch TV on my PC and my slingbox from my cable..   And so I stopped.  I shut it off. 


      It was bad enough when got rid of the fully functional client, and forced me to watch in a browser where you fed me commercials  But now I have to watch videos alongside other commercials before I can access my own slingbox?


      No.  Thank.  You.


      I'm done.  There's nothing left worthwhile.    I'll come back when you eliminate the ads, make it work in a standalone app, and return the functionality I paid for.