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    Audio Only Mode ?


      I often like to listen to television broadcast news audio sound only, especially when i'm driving a car, and can't look at the video anyways.

      I would like Slingbox mobile have a feature where one can get AUDIO ONLY.

      The unnecessary transmission of video also uses up a lot of bandwidth and causes more dropouts due to the high bandwidth requirements.

      I have worked in broadcast television and know that good stable sound transmission is more important than the video.

      If the picture breaks up occasionally it is more tolerable than when the sound stream breaks up.

      In fact I vaguely recall this was a feature of earlier Slingbox software. - I used to have Slingbox for Blackberry.

      if I am mistaken and the audio-only feature is already there someone kindly reply.

      I'm using Slingplayer for Windows Mobile right now.

      Thank you

      Anthony Maw, Vancouver, Canada