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    Why are the Slingbox moderators not answering questions about Chromecast failures with paid Slingplayer app?




      I would like to know why moderators have stopped, or not even made any responses, to the posts made regarding the sudden failure of Chromecast to work with the paid version of the iOS app.


      One thread, http://community.slingbox.com/thread/31159 was receiving assistance, but stopped.


      I have personally made two threads that do not receive any attention.

      Chromecast 2, Slingbox M2 and Slingplayer app - Unable to Connect(2)

      Free Slingplayer app supports remotely located Chromecast2 but $15 app does not. Please fix


      The point is the free version of the iOS app works remotely with Chromecast.

      The paid version of the iOS app has stopped working remotely with Chromecast. It worked for a very long time but has stopped working with the Unable to Connect (2) error. In the thread mentioned above, a moderator made a response that the problem had been discovered and a fix was coming, in November 2015.


      If the free version work and the paid version does not, whatever the fix is should be clear.


      PLEASE HELP or at least respond.