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    YouTube App on Slingbox Only Works With HDMI

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      The integral YouTube App on my Slingbox 500 works fine through the HDMI cable that runs directly to my TV.  I get video and audio through the TV.  My issue is that I want to run the sound to my older Yamaha receiver/amp which does not have hdmi inputs.  I have tried running the audio outs from the Slingbox to the receiver/amp, however the YouTube audio does not make it to the receiver/amp.  Instead the Slingbox is still sending the audio from the current live tv station that I had been watching.  I have tried disconnecting all hdmi cables to see if it was somehow getting blocked by hdpc, but when only component video is hooked to the Slingbox I get a message that YouTube must be run over hdmi.   Very frustrating.  Does anyone know if there is a way to send YouTube videos to TV and YouTube audio to a separate receiver/amp?   Thanks, JMP