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    500 Remote no longer works


      Using the Slingbox 500 installed in Atlanta with AT&T Uverse as the provider, the virtual remote began to be sluggish (Chrome) and eventually unresponsive in my remote location/s and on all my portable devices.  I've had others power cycle the cable box (Cisco ISB7500) as well as the Slingbox but no benefit.  I've reset the Slingbox through the Slingbox application site (Firefox) and have tried many different device settings to produce the virtual remote and none appear to be responsive (are the virtual remote batteries failing on me?).  Is it possible that a Windows or browser update or setting could be restricting some of the traffic affecting my ability to control the cable box?  I'll continue down the list of available Cisco devices (there are many) so that I can say that I have indeed tried them all and eliminate them as a source of the problem.  But I'd like to be able to watch again my recorded programming before the DVR begins purging shows that I would love to watch.  Can anyone offer anything else I can check on this?  And if there's a better place for me to submit this problem, please let me know.  Thanks.  Steve