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      I wrote the previous post...spent days researching...right after I posted the previous post...VOILA I found this post in the forum:  THANK YOU cjkrolak!!!!! MMMMMMMWHAHH!  You are my hero...Works great after moving Slingplayer app to #1 on Roku!  Dear Lord, why doesn't Slingbox or Roku tell the consumer that???? God Bless You cjkrolak!!!!!


      Re: SlingPlayer Channel on Roku 2 XS crashes, refuses to stream from iPhone or Android


      My issue is resolved (finally), found the answer someone else posted on a different thread.  If your slingplayer app is too far down the list of installed Roku apps (mine was at around 150) then apparently the slingplayer app on your phone doesn't think slingplayer is installed on the Roku and keeps trying to install it.  The solution offered was to move the slingplayer app up in the list of Roku apps, this worked for me as well.  I moved it up to app #1 (using the star key on the remote) and the triangle changes to a checkbox and streaming now works.