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    Roku APP SUCKS!!!!

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      I teach technology...CAN watch Slingbox 500 on iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7, and Android phone in my house!  CAN NOT GET IT TO WORK ON ROKU 3!!!!  iphone connected...app loaded, cast button pushed, connect button pushed and BAM!  Error message says either...Slingbox app is now being loaded on Roku (it's ALREADY loaded) and the stupid "what is Slingplayer" video begins to play" OR the iPhone Slingplayer app tells me that it can't find the Slingplayer app on the connected Roku!!!!!! I'm at wits end.  THIS IS WHY I BOUGHT THE 500...to eliminate cable boxes and use Roku instead!  Support forums, sites and FAQ's are NO HELP so far.  Waiting for the customer support in the Philippines to wake up so I can talk to them for help!  Swell.