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    How to update firmware on mac?


      Hi everyone.  I have searched and cannot find the answer to my question.


      So i am using the Slingbox pro.  I am using the Hd cable and the slingcatcher as well.   It was a pain to setup properly with my router but I got everything working perfectly.  I can watch sling.com without a problem.  I noticed that I am running firmware 1.3.80.  The sling.com website states a critical message that my firmware needs to be updated.   So i read all the tutorials.  I d/l the slingplayer for mac.  I installed it and it works perfectly.  But there is not option that I can find to check for a firmware update.  I can see an option to manually search for the firmware file but I see no where on the sling website from which to d/l the latest firmware.   I also see no option on the sling online player options to automatically update the firmware.


      Can someone please help?