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    Slingbox Solo won't turn on - Flashes when Reset, but then nothing:'(


      My Slingbox Solo is plugged in and will light up when I press the reset button, but after a few seconds of blinking, the entire box goes black.  When I press the power button nothing happens.  Everything remains black (no lights whatsoever).  I have read some places that it may have something to do with the A/C adapter, but I don't know what I need to purchase in order to fix the problem.  Is the A/C adapter even the problem and if so what do I need (i.e. voltage and whatnot) to fix it? 


      I should mention that I have already tried the whole unplugging, wait 30 seconds replug in, with both the Slingbox Solo and my router.  I am living in Hong Kong and my Slingbox is set up at my mom's house.  She isn't at all technologically competent, so hopefully the answer to the problem is something simple..... maybe??


      Also, I heard something about it may have to do with capacitors if not the A/C adapter thing?  I guess I don't even know what those are... 

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          Your best bet is to call Sling Support and have them go through your problems and setup. Unless you really want to get into how and where to check or buy a power supply or an in-depth discussion or a tutorial on check and replacing capacitors your best bet is to call support.


          They will walk you through everything and at the end of the day if it cost you $30.00 to fix it through them you probably are better off than going through the learning curve to fix it yourself.


          Just my 2 cents...