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    Weak Analog reception and no Digital Reception


      Hi Guys,


      I'm just setting up my SB Pro for the first time and I am having problems with the tuner. It is only picking up two analog channels, but when I plug the coax into my TV I can receive five very clearly. I tried several times and used "Detailed Scan" but that was no better.


      Also, I can't see any Digital broadcasts. The settings utility scans for digital channels and then displays a correct listing for them, but says that it can't display a picture due because of a weak signal. Once again, when I plug the coax into my TV the digital signals are received fine.


      I am in Ireland and we use Mpeg4 encoding. The box says that it has a DVB-T tuner built-in. DVB-T is Mpeg2. So can I change settings for Mpeg4?


      The User guide is incredibly weak and so far the Slingbox website hasn't impressed me. The FAQs section is useless.


      Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated!!