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    Droid 2 won't connect to Slingbox Pro


      I just picked up a Droid 2, in part so I could sling TV to my phone.  I've purchased and installed the SlingPlayer app, but the device can't seem to locate my Slingbox.  It says "Locating . . . " and then gives me the error message that "Connection failed.  Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet."


      I get this error whether trying to connect via 3G or wifi (via my home network).


      I can connect to my Slingbox just fine via a PC on my home network and via the web portal on a different network.


      Any thoughts?



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          Hi, strunk.


          In this case, we recommend you to re-adjust some router settings. You need to access your router interface and make sure to enable both of the protocols (UDP and TCP) on the Slingbox rule.


          Once you make this adjustment, you will be able get the remote connection from your Android Mobile device. Make sure to follow these recommendations and let us know how it works for you!

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              I have enabled port-forwarding on my router.  Both UDP and TCP are set to forward port 5001 to my slingbox's IP address.  Still no luck, even when I'm connected to my home network via wi-fi!


              However, I can access my slingbox via the web portal on a computer outside my home network (in this case, my office computer).


              Any other suggestions?

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                My droid X work fine getting my sling box modile on sunday then today it comes up with the failed to connect. It does work if i turn on the WIFI feature. Any help wopuld be great. Did not change anything on the router from yesterday to today. Again works great if I turn on the WIFI on the DROIDX. Just will not connect over the 3G or other.

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                Hey guys,


                I have been having the same problem. My  Slingbox Pro HD worked up until earlier this past week. All of a sudden I  cannot connect via HTC Evo, Iphone, or Laptop while away from my home  network. I followed the advice from other forums and my 5001 port was  being forwarded. I double checked and there wasnt a problem with my  firewall. I reset my router and my Slingbox hoping that would fix it and  nothing. I contacted customer support and they were rude as heck, they  tried to shell me out of 50 bucks. I nicely tried to explain to the  customer service rep that I had already paid $300 for the box, and 29  bucks each for the software and he told me all I could do was check the  forums (which I told him I already did). I asked to speak to supervisor  and he said there was none available an could only give me a P.O Box and  then proceeded to hang up on me.


                Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get the mobile connections working again? Any help would be appreciated.

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                  Having the same problem.  Has been fine since June and just last week it stopped working on the T-mobile network.  It works fine if I have my phone connected to wifi, but not over the phone network.  I also called slingbox support and they told me I was out of warrentee and they could only help me if I paid $30 for support.  I have to say, slingbox is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and will never recommend their products because they don't support them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.