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    Cross Country Slinging




      New to this forum and Slingbox.

      I'm thinking of purchasing the Slingbox Pro-HD, but needed to clairify my intent before I make the purchase.

      Hopefully, this forum will provide the insight I am looking for.

      Here is the scenario...

      2 homes in two different physical locations. One home in Utah, the other in Maine. Both locations have high speed internet.

      DirectTV setup at home in Utah. Would like to purchase the Slingbox Pro-HD box and setup it up in Utah home to sling to home in Maine to view on the television.

      There is a good possibility that people in both locations will be watching TV at the same time.


      A few questions...

      Would the purchase of the Slingbox Pro-HD allow for me to sling television viewing to Maine from Utah without interupting those wating television in Utah? Meaning that the seperate tuner in the Slingbox Pro-HD would come into play here?


      What is the best method for hooking up the TV in Maine in order to view the slinged media from Utah? Obviously a computer would be a possibility, but what about something else, like Apple TV, Roku, or some other device. What are others using that works well?


      Anything else that I would need to make this work?


      Also, has anyone noticed in degrigation of service when slinging?



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          dbsguy Apprentice

          1. You can sling from Utah to your Maine residance just fine.


          2. You could watch something difefrent in your senatrio if you added another DirecTV receiver to your account that would be dedicated to the slingbox's use. If you plan on using your current DirecTV box that would not be the case as if one person was watching locally and changed channels it would change for the remote viewer in Maine.


          3. although you have high speed internaet access at both locations, quality depends on your ISP's speeds particularly when it comes to upload at the slingbox hosting residance in Utah. The faster the speed the better the picture and slinging experience. To achieve HD quality picture remotely, you would need a upload of 3.5 meg+ at the slingbox hosting residance.


          *Ther basic ule of thumb is the faster the upload at the slingbox location, the better the remote viewing experience.


          4. At the remote location, you could watch it on a computer


          Hook up a computer to a tv (connection method really depends on your TV's inputs). For example you could hook up a computer (laptop or desktop) to the TV via HDMI, DVI or 15 pin dsub vga conenction if those connections are available.


          Puchase the now discontinues sling catcher which was dedicated for just this type of use/experience.