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    Low Disk Space P-11


      I've seen this thread but no real answers.  I have 300 GB of space on my computer.  One day the Slingplayer works fine and then all of the sudden it won't work and gives me the message: (P-11)  "There isn't enough hard disk space on your computer to run the Slingplayer replay buffer feature (available on some versions of Slingplayer)." It recommends that you deactive the buffer or clear disk space.  However, you can only deactivate the buffer using Firefox in IE.  When I try to connect on Firefox or Explorer it gets stuck in the initializing phase and therefore I can't deactivate the buffer.  Has anyone figured out how to fix this issue?  What is the  required space?  How can a program (extension on Chrome) require more than 300 GB to operate?