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    Accessing my settings to invite guests


      I cannot seem to be able to access my account settings. I'm using a windows 7 PC, tried IE, Chrome, & Firefox.  When I open www.slingbox.com and log in, I am forced to add a slingbox extension to the browser, which I do. After complete, I log back into Slingbox.com, and I get the followin error message, "Slingbox setup and reconfiguration is not currently supported on your browser. Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to setup or reconfigure your Slingbox."  The error message will change based on the browser in use.  This prevents me from watching slingbox from PC and accessing any of my settings.  All I want to do is access my settings to invite my guest to the slingbox.  Otherwise the slingbox works find on iOS app.


      Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have a solution?