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    Network Error since early August

    alano Newbie

      I've noticed that I'm not alone in experiencing SlingCatcher connection problems.  Please will SlingMedia confirm whether or not there is a potential issue with their connection process?    If so, is it a connection timeout issue, and can they create a firmware upgrade to increase the timeout period?


      My SlingCatcher has been solidly unable to connect since around 3rd August - just giving an unhelpful Newtork Error message after a while (other people are reporting same problem).  Before then, I have had two SlingCatchers working for over a year without trouble (first one got fried by an electrical storm!).


      I believe the SlingCatcher timeout period is not long enough - because I can still connect to my remote SlingBox via PC SlingPlayer and it takes an eternity to connect (it even displays a message... "still trying to connect"!)... probably around 2-3 times as long as the time taken for the SlingCatcher Network Error message to appear.


      For reference - I'm in Spain, trying to connect to my SlingBox in UK.


      I have double-checked port forwarding in UK, and re-run Internet Setup utility, and I'm confident that SlingCatcher has no reason not to work.  The local network in Spain works - as I can use SlingProjector.  The remote connection to UK works - because I can connect to SlingBox via PC SlingPlayer.


      Has anyone discovered a workaround to get SlingCatcher to work?  Is it possible to connect to the box via SSH/telnet (etc.) and increase a timeout limit for connection?


      Please will other people suffering a similar problem with SlingCatcher (after checking port forwarding) please reply to this discussion so that we can see the scale of the problem.

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          eferz Expert

          One work around is to use a VPN to reduce the latency as described in this post (http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/forum/sling-catcher-forums/slingcatcher-cannot-connect/#p850)

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              alano Newbie

              Thanks eferz.


              I will consider using a VPN as a contingency plan,  But I shall not be visiting the UK (were the SlingBox is located) for at least a couple of months - so I am stuck having to watch TV via SlingPlayer on my laptop meanwhile.


              If Sling Media has a known problem with SlingCatcher connections failing due to latency, why on earth haven't they modified the firmware to increase the timeout period? 


              Today my PC SlingPlayer is taking 35 seconds to connect (it's a good day!).  My SlingCatcher gives up trying after 20 seconds!  It's a no-brainer - Sling need to increase the timeout period of the SlingCatcher, or they need to put their systems back to how they were just over a month ago when there were no problems.


              Is anyone from Sling able to confirm whether this issue is being investigated, with a view to a remedy?

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                i have the same problem my slingcatcher is in Barbados and slingbox in the Uk,all was working well on my last visit here 9 months ago.

                I connect the slingplayer using the sling adapters that use internet over the mains to reach the router.

                Using my laptop with Slingplayer installed i can connect using the same sling adapter so the problem lies with the slingplayer !

                Tried reinstalling the player from scratch no success. A bit of a joke trying to get the video signal working on the tv LOL

                The comment regarding using a VPN is red herring as this will only increase the latency as the data will have to be encripted and decribted at this end.

                I will just have to replace it with a PC at least i wont have to deal with a company that makes products that cant be supported.

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                same issue here. Since early august, slingcatcher no longer works. I have tried and read **** near all of the help threads. I have port forwarding correct and have a TCP connection, yet I still get network error on my sling catcher... and NO VPN is not an option. We should NOT have to do VPN to make this work.

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                  My SlingCatcher will not give me a picture from my SlimBox.

                  It just says Network Error. I have a great picture on the computer but I can't get a picture on my TV with the SlingCatcher.

                  I have called Support and even they can't help me. I am sick to think I spent all this money on the slingcatcher so that I could

                  watch my cable on another TV in the house and now I guess it is not going to happen.


                  I guess I have to buy a small computer 7 to 10 inches and a long HDMI cable if I want to watch it on a large Screen.

                  Mignon35 (Sad in Mich.)

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                      my problem is now resolved

                      when i logged in to my sling account i received a warning that my slingbox was not set up properly, i could receive via slingplayer not slingcatcher .

                      The port setting on my router were incorrect, changed them and the catcher works.

                      the only issues now being picture freezes sometimes on the catcher and quality is poor

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                      i'm wondering if its a problem too with the UK side of it tho. i have 3 slingboxes. 2 in the us and one in the uk and the uk one has refused to work now for about 3 months via sling catcher but the other 2 based in the US which are on ridicilously fast connections work fine. But has anyone had the problem resolved as yet tho?


                      and for the person in barbados. what type of speeds do you stream at. i usually don't get any more than 2-300 kbps but the us based sling boxes i stream sometimes at 1500-2000kbps

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                          callanish Apprentice

                          "i'm wondering if its a problem too with the UK side of it tho. i have 3  slingboxes. 2 in the us and one in the uk and the uk one has refused to  work now for about 3 months via sling catcher but the other 2 based in  the US which are on ridicilously fast connections work fine. But has  anyone had the problem resolved as yet tho?"





                          Just for the record, I've got no network issues streaming a solo from the U.K to the U.S and the speeds are consistent with Virgin Media, but I originally did have a problem. I failed to port forward my router correctly, thus the network connection problem with the slingcatcher. Once that was successfully done, I haven't had a problem connecting to the slingbox U.K using the slingcatcher U.S since. Who is your U.K ISP that is giving you such slow upload speeds? Did you use manual port forwarding or automatic UPNP port forwarding when you originally setup your U.K slingbox?

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                          to be honest i'm not the person who setup the slingbox in the UK so with regards to port fowarding etc i'm unsure of if this was done. but then why does it work with the computer software and not the slingcatcher and 2 why did it work before and not working now. the other person who is sending the feed swears they didn't change anything themselves

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                              callanish Apprentice

                              Here's what I can tell you from my experience. Whether this has anything to do with why you've got this problem is anyone's guess, but here's my two cents worth. While watching the slingbox using the slingplayer software on the computer, press alt.shift.i on the keyboard. What will come up is a bunch of information including stream type. If the stream type is SNATT, then the slingcatcher won't work at all and that's usually port forward related. If the stream type is TCP, then the problem lies elsewhere outside of the slingbox / slingcatcher. If the person that setup the slingbox in the U.K chose automatic port forwarding using a router that was UPNP compatible, you could have came across the same reason for why my slingcatcher also worked and then didn't and, in my case, it was due to a time lease issue on the IP address from my Internet service provider which would expire causing the slingbox to no longer communicate with the sling servers to tell the slingcatcher where to find it, thus the network connection issue with the slingcatcher. It was almost like I was receiving a TCP stream on the slingcatcher for a period of time and then it would revert back to SNATT when the time lease expired. By rebooting the modem, the router and the slingbox all at the same time, it would cause the ISP to provide a fresh IP address for the slingbox to then send to the sling servers where the slingcatcher could once again find it. The reason that you can still watch the slingbox through the computer and not through the slingcatcher is because the slingplayer software is capable of using a SNATT or RELAY stream as a fallback position, whereas the slingcatcher needs TCP. I ended up having to use logmein on a computer in the U.K sitting next to my slingbox remotely, controlled from my laptop in the U.S in order to go through the sling setup again on the slingbox, choose manual port forwarding, access the router and port forward TCP and UDP ports to 5001 before I had a permanent connection success with the slingcatcher.


                              All I can suggest to you is to ask your friend to reboot the cable modem / router and slingbox at the same time and give it about 5 minutes before you try to once again connect with the slingcatcher. If you can connect, but then after a period of time you are back to square one with this network connection problem, then your circumstances are similar to mine and that will require that you ask your friend to do the entire setup again, but this time choose manual port forwarding instead of automatic port forwarding using UPNP when setting up the slingbox and get him to correctly port forward the router in the U.K.


                              Like I said before, your circumstances could be different from mine, but all my problems with the slingcatcher's inability to connect to my slingbox came because I didn't setup the slingbox correctly from the start to work with the slingcatcher and ended up having all sorts of network connection problems, but like you, I never had any issues communicating with the slingbox using the slingplayer software. Plus, also like you, my slingcatcher worked for a short period of time, then after a period of time I couldn't get the slingcatcher to connect to the slingbox. Coincidence, I don't know, but it might give you something to work with.


                              Also F.Y.I, and I'm quoting 'Eferz' on this one. If you see "Relay" on stream type then the signal is bouncing off of Sling Media's relay server.  You usually only see Relay on screwed up network connections. Bottom line from my perspective is if its not a TCP stream you're seeing, then the slingcatcher won't be able to connect.

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                                  Is there a different way to log in on a Mac than alt+****+i? That doesn't seem to work on my Mac? I am having a similar problem but I do not get a network error screen. The slincatcher just times out and shuts it self, reboots, and come back to the home screen. It worked fine in June and July in the States. I moved to China and I'm a VPN back to the States and now it won't work. Thanks!

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                                quaningeneva Newbie

                                I assume that you have a Pro-HD. Check the firmware version. If you are running 2.1.80, your SlingCatcher will not connect with Internet viewing. Firmware rollback to 1.4.60 fixes the problem.

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                                  Hi to everyone who tried to help me with this Network Error Msg. Well I was lucky. When I called Slingbox Tech Help, I was blessed to get a Tech who knew what to do. He went right to my Slingbox Pro HD and changed the settings. Then he made another connection called "Direct Connection" because the natural connection that was set up still did not work. I instantly got a picture on the TV. I was so excited after dealing with this issue for about 60 dys.


                                  It pays to call several times to get a good knowledgeable Tech. They are not all created equal. I do have the freezing problem every now and then. Someone suggested I go to "OPT" 2 clicks. Then go to advance and change the resolution setting to I think it was 640. Well it is the setting just below HD. That helped the picture look a little bit lighter. But the freezing issue although intermettent still happens. I just unplug the Slingcatcher plug it back in and start the login process all over again. I don't know what else to do.

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                                    I have had this problem for 2 years and only tried to get it to work a couple of times, I figured it out this evening. I have a at&t modem and a wnr3500 router, the router was set properlyand could watch on my laptop but not the slingcatcher. Tonight I decided to check my modem, found out how to log into my modem and set up port forwadring there also and now it works. I have done alot of searching for answers and finally figured it out for myself. for 2 years i was unable to use my sling catcher when I went out of town but now it works. No thanks to sling catcher tech support