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    Replaced old Slingbox, now nothing!


      I have had the Slingbox Solo for almost a year. Upon first purchase I had to have the remote controller cord replaced because it was faulty and I could not change channels. After that it worked fine for months. I recently left the country again and discovered that I could get the picture, but could not change channels again. I sent a family member over there to adjust the remoter control cord in case they moved out of place. After that did not work the family member took the entire Slingbox back to the retailer where I purchased it and exchanged it for a brand new one. NOW it can't find the new Slingbox at all!. I called tech support who told me that I would just need to have my family member hook the Slingbox up on their end and I would have to another set-up on my end. To make problems even worse I cannot remember my admin password and when trying to reset, the setup still cannot find the new Slingbox. Do I need to be physically in front of the new Slingbox for new setup or am I doing something wrong? HELP PLEASE!