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    Poor quality despite ok bandwidth




      I just bought a slingbox solo and I must admit that I am not that impressed with the quality so far.

      The slingbox solo is connected to my HD box with component cables and internet connection is 100/100mbit.


      These screenshots show how it looks on a remote computer with about 1000-1500kbps. On local gb lan its about 3000+kbps all the time but doesn't look that much better than the screenshots below, its better, but not that much. The quality is so poor that you can hardly read the text on screen.

      Maybe my expectations are too high for a product like this but I did expect more.





      Quality setting is set at Auto but setting it to manual and trying different values doesn't do that much difference.


      Are the screenshots above how it looks for the rest of you also with bandwidth about 1000-1500kbps?

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          I hve the same issue, I have been debating this purchase and finally decided to try it last night. I am so disappointed by the quality of picture. I can watch most shows but cannot read my dish guide to see whats on. I bought the andriod app and have the same results as my laptop.

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            Since my 24 return period for the andriod app was about up and I could not get better resolution no matter what I tried I returned my solo last night.


            I was so disappointed in this, I was really excited to finally try this out.

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              So is a faster connection would result in better quality picture?

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                adbuckster Newbie

                I would really like to see some meaningful response to this concern.  Prior to the recent mess (over three weeks of no slingbox at all), my setup seemed to be adequate.  I have the Slingbox ProHD back in Texas, and here in Costa Rica I have slingplayer 2.x, slingbox.com/watch, and a slingcatcher.  Slingplayer seems to give me the best image, with slingbox.com/watch in second place.  The slingcatcher now seems to hang up on downloads of less than 50Kbps, even though all my speedtests are coming in at a rate fast enough to allow for streaming (between 800-1000Kbps).  I remember that a sustained, steady 500Kbps was needed for an adequate image.  Now, I can't acheive that speed, even with the slingplayer.  I know there has been no change on the slingbox ProHD end of things, so my question is this:  Why is there such a large descrepancy between the speed of my internet connection and the speed of the slingplayer, slingbox.com/watch, slingcatcher?  Or, to put it another way, what could be causing this?

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                  I have been having this problem ever since I upgraded my pc to windows 7 (64bit).

                  The 'blockyness' of the picture I get is exactly the same as in your screenshots.

                  I believe however that the bandwidth is sufficient to be providing a much cleaner image and when I view through a laptop running windows vista or XP then the image is perfect.  I am connected via composite.

                  As a test are you able to watch from a pc that is not running windows 7 and see how the image compares?

                  I'm finding it really hard to get answers on this as 'bad quality image' type issues can be very varied but I believe this is nothing to do with resolution settings / codecs etc it is purely a problem the sling software has with windows 7 and it seems to me like they are not acknoweding it.

                  The difficulty is that it might not be specifically windows 7 that is causing the issue, but all I know is that every windows 7 pc I've tried it on has the blockyness problem and all pc's/laptops running vista or xp are fine.


                  Any help much appreciated as I think the potential is great for this piece of kit it's just being let down by this issue.

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                      Exactly the same problem and it only happens when I view my slingbox pro or my regular slingbox (I've got two at different locations) using a Windows 7 computer.

                      Doesn't matter If I view over the internet (with my 10Mbps uplink) or on the local (1Gb) network, using either the desktop player or the browser version. View either on an XP computer and the picture ROCKS!! It is nothing to do with settings and is purely and issue with WINDOWS 7.

                      I'm in the UK and my mate over in Florida using an XP computer can stream from me at about 2.5 to 3.5Mbps and gets a really good picture with smooth edges and no jagged edges even in FULL SCREEN. There is obviously an issue with WINDOWS 7, the people at sling KNOW ABOUT IT and haven't addressed it.

                      Remember "SlingBox people" more and more people are going over to to WINDOWS 7 and are going to be more & more dissapointed with their results especially in this world where more people are expecting HD type pictures! Don't leave this on the back burner and hope it'll go away, it won't, you lot in the long run will lose out especially as you still (currently) have cornered the market, it won't stay like this forever!! Get an update out before it's too late!

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                        I am using a Singbox HD with coax connection to mt Comcast cablebox with about 1.1 mbs upload capability

                        Any way I try to view it in Bonaire, Dutc Caribbean with 3mbs I get running pictures that stop action about every 5 seconds totally

                        unviewable  I hav tried via web browser, using the mac slingplayer software and sling mobile on the IPAD2 (talk about a rip off that is totally unwatchable)


                        It would view I am well within recoomended bandwdith down and up  but can't find anyway to improve

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                            An interesting update on this issue for me.....


                            My wife has just bought a new laptop (64 bit Windows 7) and slingplayer works fine on the laptop - no blockyness at all!

                            Yet, when I try on my desktop (which is also windows 7 64 bit) I get the same blockyness I described above.


                            I had thought this was problem specifically to do with Windows 7 but it would seem not now.  Perhaps it is more to do with incompatibility with some part of my motherboard or graphics card ???


                            Anyone got any ideas what to try next in order to isolate the problem?

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                                Interesting but, I've got a couple of computers which are 'dual boot' that is, they've got both XP & Windows 7, when booted up in XP both produce excellent pictures but both perform badly in windows 7 with that same blocky picture. one computer is using a graphics card with an nvida chipset & and the other has a different set of which the name I can't remember. I've tried a few friends machines who have 7 and it's just as bad on theirs as well.




                                below is a shot of what I'm getting, if I did the same picture from a vista or XP machine the text would be clear, and look at the man's watch strap there are verticle running blocks, that's my problem!


                                Click on the picture and it will blow up.